Attitude Counts for Everything

When interacting with others, be sure to be positive about the whole situation because you never know how the person or group may react to what you’re saying. It is always great to speak your mind but to always be mindful of others. It is not every day that you will come in contact with […]

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If your partner is showing you love and affection and you’re ignoring their feelings, why should he/she stay with you? Everyone has been hurt throughout life. You don’t have to take it out on the person that is actually being faithful to you. It is not every day that someone who is truly honest, faithful, […]


Motherhood Have me Beat

It has come to my conclusion that motherhood is definitely not my cup of tea. I really have not suited up for this as yet. Yes, my daughter is two years old, but I have not mastered it all, at least I think so. First and foremost, my daughter does not have a pause button […]

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Job Searching…

So far since job hunting/searching, I was only able to have one face-to-face interview and four phone interviews. What happened after that I am not completely sure. You see I check my resume every day and correct it. I then sometimes have to write cover letters for most of the jobs that I have applied […]

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