Love yourself no matter what (Bullied)

You see, I was bullied as a child for a long time. It damaged me emotionally and socially. Not sure what took me so long to stand up for myself, but thanks to a girl that I met while in elementary school, she actually told me how to stand up for myself without violence (dislike violence). She was there, except for when she was absent. I was just getting bullied from left to right. Being called names/phrases as if I was just a piece of rotten meat.

“Why don’t she get a perm, her hair is nappy?” (It was nice, soft, and curly)

“She’s too skinny.” (I ate a lot, just never gained the pounds. I still eat a lot)

“Flatchested.” (Back then I wasn’t sure if that was even a word)

“Big lip.” (Had a small face)

“She is too ugly.” (After so many years of damage, I now consider myself as the most beautiful Queen I ever met)

“She’s anorexic. She must be starving herself” (Like I said before, I was always eating. Just never put on the pounds)


It was just out of control. I really did not feel welcome. So, I decided to make some changes. When I reached 7th grade, I started to reply with a “So What.” I kept doing this for a while and it worked like a charm. Nothing they said was sticking to me because I realized that I did not have to be glue. At that moment, I chose to be rubber. I chose to be someone other than those foolish names that they gave me. It paid off in the long run.

Long story short.


I just started to love myself.

I looked in the mirror every day to tell myself that I was beautiful.

I became honest with myself.

I fell in love with my lips

I fell in love with my hair.

I fell in love with all of me.

No one can change that.

I took myself out of negativity and brought myself into positivity.

I became a lion.

I became that beautiful and intelligent Queen.


The thing is you just have to love yourself no matter what. Find something that you love about yourself and keep that in mind. Let no one try to discourage you from loving you. Let no word move you in a way to make you feel that you are not loved. Always do your best to fight through negativity to land in positivity.

Remember this, you are loved and no matter what happens in life always choose to love yourself no matter what. People may disagree, but you can agree with the love you shall have for yourself.

And for the people who are bullied and were bullied, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. They are just hurting and do not know where to put all that anger, so they chose to humiliate you and make you think of yourself as NOTHING. You are SOMEONE and you will be SOMEBODY. Keep your head up and never make them win. Never ever make them feel as though you are weak. It may not be easy, but you can do it. In the end, I LOVE YOU and so does JESUS.

You cannot unlock the true meaning of love until you start loving YOURSELF.

Remember this as well, I could have been another suicidal case. I knew if I was gone, then they would win. You cannot defeat your bully six feet under. You have already lost. Never ever be afraid to talk to someone because speaking can make a big difference. I never spoke about it, so it became a lot tougher.

P.S. I did make the little drawing. 🙂

Luvs ya


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