Teach your child(ren) Part 1

I have noticed that some parents push their children to do good in school and leave out the “just do your best throughout life no matter what”

As parents, we tend to focus on one thing and that is this thing called “school” without teaching our children about this thing called “Life.” You see we push and push our children to do great in school, but how about “just do your best throughout life.” Let them know that getting high scores on exams will not determine how successful they would become in life. If you wait too long, life will just eat them up alive.

Accept the fact that they will make mistakes.

Understand that their dreams are their reality.

Accept the fact that they may not understand everything that is being taught.

Take time to help your child in life.

Focus on what they enjoy doing.

It just may pay off in the long run.

Stop pounding them over low scores.

They already feel bad about it.

Be your child savior.

They need it.

Let them know it is okay.

Tell them to get back up and try again.

Lend them your ears when they need it.

Just be a parent of all parents.

Be that light at the end of their tunnel

I am not saying to let your child do whatever is that they want to do, but let them understand that it is okay to make mistakes. Make it and move on.

You see your child already feel that if they don’t pass exams in school, they are not “smart enough.” They believe that they are not good enough because of the one or many low scores that they have received. NO child should ever feel so low in life. NONE whatsoever. As parents, we should teach our children to not focus so much on feeling so bad about test scores. Tell them, they are more than that lousy test score/grade that they have received. Let your child know that you love him/her no matter what because in the end, they do not feel so intelligent after trying to reach a certain mark that society has put there. Let them know a low test score/grade cannot determine how successful they will become in life. I mean, you cannot teach your child what you don’t know.

It is sad enough that children get into trouble because their scores are not up to par. There was a time when I saw a child get smacked and screamed at because he did not get a high score/grade in school. He said, “I tried mom, I did my best.” Now you see, she just made the situation worse than it already was. He now feels extra bad about his scores/grades. His self-esteem and confidence level may even drop.

The school system (exams/tests) is based off what you remembered during your school years. I mean, you’re a parent. Do you remember everything you were taught since you first started school? I don’t believe so. You may remember certain things that you were good at or a certain subject, but you do not remember EVERYTHING. If you did, you would not have a problem with helping your child with their homework. I am sure this is the reason some of you hire tutors to get the job done.

Schools exams just make students more stressed out. Some students learn faster than others and may have good memories than most. Let’s not compare our child to the next.

It is heartbreaking that some students even commit suicide because they are not meeting the expectations of society and their schooling systems. There are people out here struggling to pass exams just to reach the other side of the mountain.

Let me put it this way so that you can get a better understanding. When I was in school and it was time to take exams to determine if I was going to the next grade, I always became paranoid because I was not the best test taker. It came to the point where I would cry because I failed and at the moment I considered myself as a failure. The other time was in high school and I did not pass my Global History class nor the Regents exam, I became really upset with myself. I wanted out. I remember that I was in this program called Upward Bound at Columbia Universtiy. I took the class all over again and at that moment I knew that this school system really just made me dislike everything there was about school. Any-who. After summer classes at Upward Bound, you get to take an exam. Most people in the class to the Global History course to give them a headstart, me on the other hand actually needed to pass the test. Unlike most people, I failed the exam and busted out in tears. I tried my best, studied really late, and still did not pass. It was just not going go as planned. In the end, it paid off and I passed the exam with a 96. Talk about luck.

I always made an exam determine how successful I would become in life. I even thought that I was not good enough for colleges which kept me from applying to the ones I really wanted to go to such as Cornell University, University of New Haven, etc. They all were great schools in my book, but I never applied to them. I really think I was not good enough until I decided that I cannot make the school system determine my success. I decided to apply to more schools.

Fast forward….

I graduated college with a 3.44 and out of all my classes, I managed to only get 3 C’s from a whole year getting my Bachelors.

As parents, it is our duty to let our child know that they don’t have to go to every grade in school. They can be skipped if they “Just do their best throughout life.” They can become a success no matter.

Teach them to get back up when they fall.

Teach them to stay focus on the prize.

Teach them about doing their best no matter what.

Love them for their mistakes.

Tell them to make it and move on.

Everyone makes mistakes as no one is ‘PERFECT’


I have a daughter and as a parent, it is my duty to accept her mistakes and to help correct them. It is to encourage her to do her best throughout life and to not hover over spoiled milk. To let her know that life will eat her up alive if she does not stay focus on her prize. To let her know that knowledge is power. To tell her to ‘Keep moving forward, no matter what’. Is to support her dreams and goals.

Remember your child needs you no matter their age. Be there and they will always think of you as their light to the end of their tunnel. Make them understand that there is more to life than their test scores/grades.

P.S. Support your child’s dreams and goals and ‘STOP’ trying to live your life through your child. It is disgusting and that is when your child will no longer want to be around you because you never ‘SUPPORTED’ or ‘BELIEVED’ in them. God gave everyone ‘A GIFT’. Let theirs SHINE.



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