Love yourself first/self-love

Let’s be clear, you cannot love someone if you do not know how to love yourself. A lot may or may not disagree, but it is true. How can you search for love if you have not loved yourself first?

A lot of times we fail in relationships because we forget to show love and some search for someone to complete them when they should be completed already. If you truly love yourself like how you’re supposed to, you will never look for someone to complete you but for someone that will become one with you. Nothing ever comes easy, but working on yourself holds more to the key of happiness than what others may think.

You see when you love yourself, you are willing to put yourself first.

You are willing to be alone for some time

You are willing to look at yourself and call yourself beautiful without looking for confirmation

You are mentally prepared to tackle anything that comes your way

You are emotionally healed from your past

You use your pass as a gateway to a better life

You do not make excuses as to why you behave a certain way

You are willing to take time to work on yourself

You are willing to understand the difference between needing and wanting something

You are able to stand on your own two feet alone in life

You are not in a rush to be in a relationship

You enjoy being in the company of yourself

And most of all

You are willing to make sacrifices to fix up some things in your life to become a success without letting things hold you back.


Being able to take care of yourself is nothing to be guilty of. You should always spend the majority of your time loving yourself and building you. No matter what happened in your life, treat yourself always. You should not wait until someone completes you because you will not be happy. It will only make you more miserable. Try to figure out what you like in life, what you enjoy doing. You do not have to listen to people who do not understand you. Just know the more you work on yourself and love yourself, you will attract it.

You will attract all that you desire.

If you love yourself like you say you do, you will attract someone that will love you like you love yourself.

That will cherish you like you cherish yourself.

That will hold you like you hold yourself.

That will guide you like you guide yourself

That will stay true to you only if you’re true to yourself.


Only you hold the key to the love that you set yourself out to receive. Stop searching for love. If you see that something is not working out, it could be just you (maybe the next person). Maybe you do not like something about yourself or maybe the next person does not like something about him/herself. Just know that in order to fully love someone, you must first love yourself.

You cannot take care of someone if you have not yet taken care of yourself or do not know how to.

You cannot show someone the right path if you have not yet walked the path of righteousness.

You cannot help others if you have not yet helped yourself.

You cannot lead the way if you have not yet discovered how to be a leader.

You cannot hold onto your path and expect to live a better future.

You just cannot.


There are different ways that I can express myself about this topic, but I chose some that may connect with some. I chose some that I have struggled with for many years. I now know that I am a bit FREE from some and I can finally be a leader, show people the right path and most of all LOVE. It was a difficult journey, yet I still managed to knock down those walls and climb to the top of the mountain. No one could have taken me apart even if they tried. I learned to love myself and if I have a problem with something, I will take care of it the natural/positive way. Anyone can love themselves if they wanted to, but a lot of times we wait around for others to love us and then when they leave, we become so emotional and do things that we may regret. It is okay to love yourself first. It is okay to be there for yourself because when all is gone, you will be left right by yourself.

Remember to love yourself first. It is okay to talk to someone or to spend time with yourself to figure YOU out. You are your only hope. It may or may not be easy, but I know you CAN DO IT. I BELIVE in YOU.

Luvs ya


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