How I managed to stop breastfeeding without hand expressing or pumping my milk?

Going “Cold Turkey” is just something that I did not want to experience. I knew the process would be painful and my breasts would be really engorged(heavy). However, I succeeded and kept on moving forward with the process. My milk supply is still decreasing, but I wanted to share my experience with you anyway.

I decided to stop breastfeeding because I noticed my little one decided that I would be her “human pacifier”. That is not even all. She decided to eat less solid and get more breasts milk. I did love the bonding and the moment that we shared with each other, but I knew it was time. I was becoming a little stressed out and wanted to get back in shape without her wanting to go on my breasts when I am in the middle of a workout (that was annoying and exhausting). I mean, I could not get much done. Couldn’t even sleep through the night. Now that she is off my breast she is eating more solids, sleeping through the night, and is just becoming more independent. I did capture a special moment of her on my breast when she fell asleep.


Well, let me get into the topic of the post.

Throughout this whole process, I drank sage tea, used cabbage, used ice bags, ibuprofen, and a sports bra.

On July 9th, 2017 I decided to stop breastfeeding because I was a little bit overwhelmed. I decided that the “Cold Turkey” method would be good enough for me because I wanted my milk supply to slow down and eventually my milk to dry up. I prepared myself mentally for all of this which is why I took it well, despite the fact that I was complaining a little.

Day 1 was a very hectic day. She woke up around 2:00 A.M. looking for milk and I had to keep saying “I am sorry, there is no more milk.” She did not take that well. I had to get up and go to the kitchen to find something that she would have enjoyed eating or drinking. Nothing did the trick. So, I brought her back into the room and put on some children tunes from Pandora. She started to calm down a bit. She then asked for water. She did not go back to sleep until 4:00 A.M. When we woke back up, the process started all over again and this time my breasts were starting to swell up a bit more. No pain as yet.

Day 2 was almost like day 1, but instead, she actually cooperated with me. She just wanted to eat raisins and drink water. When she felt hunger coming along, she started to reach for my breast and I had to say “I am sorry, there is no more milk.” She began to eat a lot more and I can see she was a little upset with me. Her eyes told me so. A slight pain started creeping on me and my breasts were expanding. My breasts were engorged and hard with a shiny look to it.

Day 3 was a lot more relaxed with my princess. Even though, she looked at me, tugged at my shirt, and looked into my eyes. At this moment she realized that life just hit her hard and mommy was not going to give in. I knew when smelled the milk on me. Any-who, she asked for some yogurt and that is what she was eating for some time. Breasts are hurting and pain is really at its peak. Began to feel moody, breasts became itchy, and I became a little fatigue.

My breasts were in excruciating pain on day 4. I had to wake up to put cabbage on my breasts to help ease the pain. Let’s not forget that my right breast was bigger than the left. It was just not looking well. I just knew that I could not give in. I decided to go and by the sports bra to push them up and to keep them close to my chest. It helped a lot.

Day 5: Because I was drinking sage tea, using ice packs, and cabbage; my breasts started to decrease in size. It was decreasing slightly. There were little stinging pains here and there which stopped as soon as I put an ice pack on my breasts.

Day 6: There were stinging pains on both breasts and they were very itchy. At this time she began eating more and was still a little moody.

Day 7 was a lot better. The pain in both breasts mellowed down and only the stinging exist. I did stop by the OB/GYN on Day 6 to ask why I kept feeling stings in my breast and she said the milk is starting to decrease and dry up. When I heard the words “Dry Up”, I knew that I accomplished something that I thought that I would not have been able to. I DID IT!! Oh yeah, she asked for the boobs. :-/

I feel extremely better on the 8th day. My right breast is the only one giving me pain and stings. The left breast is soft now but is still drying up. Baby girl is doing well with the food and is sleeping a lot more. Almost forgot, because sage used to detox your body, I was on the go(urinating every 5 minutes). I did not drink anything the whole day so that I would not interrupt my bladder as much. It did eventually stop when my body got rid of all the sage.

July 17th will make the 9th day that I decided to go “Cold Turkey”. I feel really great. I can finally get more things done because my right breasts don’t sting me as much. Everything just feels great now. Just waiting to my breasts are back to normal.

This experience was just something that I prepared myself for. I breastfed my little one for 2 years and I knew that after her birthday everything will change.

I did try my best to keep this post short and simple and I knew that I had to add the good stuff. However, you will see a step by step process on how I dried up my breasts milk.

And yes, her father helped me throughout the whole process. He even prepared meals for us to eat.

Luvs ya




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