How I Dried out my milk supply in 2 weeks!?

Okay. Okay. Okay. You may think to yourself that this is not possible and I do not believe it. Well, believe it. I mean, I could not believe it myself until I notice and felt the difference. I started July 9th.

After months of research and trying to choose what was best for me and my little pumpkin, I realized that I had to stop breastfeeding the  “cold turkey” way. I needed her off my breasts so that she can eat more solid and stop relying on me like a newborn. Besides, she was already 2 and I had a small conversation with her letting her know that it was time and mommy needed her body back.

Well, let me get straight to the point. I will try my best to tell you everything that I did step by step or by days.


Cabbage (savoy cabbage it comes apart easily)

Sage (the herbs)

Ice packs (you can put ice in a zip lock bag)… make sure you put paper towels around it to protect your skin

Sports bra or a WELL- fitted braStep 1: Make sure you have your sports bra or your well-fitted bra ready to put on. Believe me, when your breasts start to fill up with milk, you will then realize why you need a sports bra/fitted bra.

Step 1: Make sure you have your sports bra or your well-fitted bra ready to put on. Believe me, when your breasts start to fill up with milk, you will then realize why you need a sports bra/fitted bra.

Step 2: When using the cabbage make sure that you use cold water to wash the cabbage leaves off well to get rid of any germs/bacteria. What you don’t use right away, you can either put in the fridge or the freezer inside a container. If you want you can take apart the whole cabbage, so you are able to switch the cabbage leaves when they become hot due to the temperature from your breasts. The cabbage will help ease some of the pain and pressure in the breasts. The cabbage may have a strong disturbing smell, but it is so worth it. Oh yeah! You can either crush the cabbage in your hand or use a rolling pin to open up the cabbage more. Whatever you do, just make sure that your breasts are covered. (I rotated my cabbage leaves for two days/more or until I spotted a brown spot, then I threw them away. I just rinsed them with cold water and put it right back in the fridge/freezer)

Step 3: When making your sage tea, please make sure you do not go over 6 cups within a day. PLEASE MAKE SURE! I just boiled two cups of water and put some sage leaves inside the boiling water and let it boiled for 5 minutes. The more sage herbs you put in the 2 cups of boiling water, the stronger the tea. Sage tea is used for decreasing your milk supply. I drank sage tea for 7 days. Within the 7 days, I drank 6 cups. 2 cups in the morning, 2 cups in the afternoon, and 2 at night. Please use a measuring cup for this.


FullSizeRender (4)
Philippines Sage Herbs Tea



Step 4: If your breasts are still hurting after the first week, just use the ice packs. The pain will start to decrease. You will feel great.

Now I will do it by the day.

Day 1: July 9th: No pain

Day 2: July 10th: Pain came out of nowhere and my breasts were really engorged. I did not have a sports bra so I wore a tight shirt instead. I had cabbage leaves, and I started drinking 6 cups of sage tea)

Day 2: July 11th: My right breasts was really engorged. This may have happened because one breast is slightly bigger than the other.

Day 3: July 12th: Still the same thing from the day before

Day 4: July 13th: I notice the weight in my right breasts started to decrease with minor tingling (means that milk is drying out-GYN doctor saying)

Day 5: July 14th: Milk from left breasts is barely there and my right breast is still decreasing

Day 6: July 15th: Milk supply started to decrease and my breasts were not engorged

Day 7: July 16th: NO PAIN

Day 8: July 17th: The pain crept back into my right breast. Just tingling feelings

Day 9: July 18th: Back to no pain, but more tingling sensations in both breasts

Day 10: July 19th: Breasts became really itchy because they were decreasing in size and my nipples were a little dry

Day 11: July 20th: Itchy nipples. I just moisturized my nipples with shea butter.

Day 12: July 21st: Itchy breasts

Day 13: July 22nd: Right nipple was itching a lot

Day 14: July 23rd: A little itchy

July 23rd was the last day the I recorded because my breasts are back to normal. They were only itching because the skin was going back to normal. When this problem occurred I just used shea butter to moisturize my breasts which took care of the problem.

So there you have it, NO MORE MILK. Some people hand express a little to decrease the pain, but I wanted the milk gone within 2 weeks or less. If you choose to hand express a little milk out for comfort you can, just know that it will take a little longer than 2 weeks for you milk to dry up. Do what is best for you because not every journey is for everyone.

If you do decide to give this method a try, do not take hot showers, massage your breasts or play with your nipples (it will signal your breasts to make more milk)  because you will let down your milk.

Luvs ya



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