Ovarian/ Polycystic Cysts are no fun

It all started when I was just twelve sitting in my classroom, doing my homework until a pain came over me. I mean the pain was unbearable. I really thought I something bad was happening, so I told the teacher that my stomach was hurting me and my body temperature started to change. The weird thing is, I actually felt my body temperature rising. I really had no clue what was going on. So she told me to go to the nurse with a smile and said good luck. I was confused because my mom never told me about what the women body would go through and I had to find out the hard way.

Fast forward…

I went to the nurse, they called my dad, and he picked me up. As I was walking the pain started to get worst. At this moment, I really did not know what to do and neither did my dad because he had no idea what was going on. It’s a good thing we lived close to the school. When we reached inside, I went into my parents’ room because they had a big bed. I rolled around like a tumble weed. I was crying like a never ending rain storm. I was screaming like I was trying to converse with someone over loud music. My body legs felt like spaghetti. My body was aching. My lower abdominal felt as though someone was cutting me up and trying to sew my body back together. The pain was just not what I expected my first time to be. I finally went to sleep.

I woke up with little to no pain, went to the bath just to discover a color the signifies a person is angry or is full of embarrassment. I was surprised because I had no idea. If I would have known of such thing, I probably would have taken better care of myself when it came to the pain. I just discovered my frenemy A.K.A  my menstrual.

Fast forwarding again.

Well, as the years went by. I noticed that I would not get my frenemy every month. So, like most people I started to research about what can happen and what I needed to know since no one was really talking to me about it. This should not be a secret. Buuuuttt, people are different. I guess. Anyway. I found out that your menstrual can be irregular when you first start out, so I made nothing of it. I just know that in a year, my frenemy will come approximately 3-5 times in a year.

Getting my menstrual was a very painful process. There were times when I would take a pain killer (either Ibuprofen or Tylenol) just to get rid of the pain, but the pain will last the whole day and even travel to the next day. I just hated taking these pills. I always felt funny. Each time I will get my frenemy, I will lie down on my tummy and rock myself. Out all that rocking and turning, I am asleep. I then wake up with less pain.

As time passes, I finally reach my third year in high school. My frenemy started showing up every month. I had fewer pains and I could do more activities and not worry having spaghetti legs. When I graduate out of high school everything changed. It started all over again. No menstrual until when it felt like showing up. I could go outside and be far away from home,  it will show up. It only made me upset, but I knew it was something that I had no control over. I just know that I was eating right, making sure that I drink a lot of water and eat a lot more fruits.

Fast forwarding again…..

So, it came to my attention that my frenemy was playing games with me and I did not know what was happening to my body.  It came to the point where I had to walk with pads in my bag. Being a woman now, I scheduled an appointment at the GYN office so that I can finally know why my menstrual keep playing tricks on me.

When I was finally seen, I had to get a sonogram. They checked my lower abdominal, scanning it slowly, and what do you see? Something on my uterus. The doctor said I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I had to ask what exactly did he mean. He said “they are very small cysts that can make it difficult to get pregnant (This was taken place a year before I graduated out of high school). Then he said I will not be able to have children unless I take a drug for it. Knowing me, I did not accept his statement because I knew one day that I will be able to conceive on God’s watch.

Okay, Fast forwarding again…… 🙂

Now in college, my menstrual started coming every month. Fewer pains, no more rolling around like a tumble weed, and I can finally move about and know when my frenemy was going to come. Until it did not come for 3 whole months. I was devastated, I did not know what to do. Days passed and I am sitting in a Planned Parenthood near my school (let’s keep in mind that I was 25). It was a long wait. They told me the news, I broke down in tears. I was scared and at the same time in shock. I just wiped my tears and headed back to class. (I was in shock my whole pregnancy and even after my pregnancy. That is until I heard her say “mom”).

Fast forwarding…

My frenemy came and left. Then all of a sudden, I was feeling weird pains after a week it left. My right side swelled up and went back down pretty quickly. I suddenly had an urge to use the bathroom, so I went. What do you know, I started to see red all over again. I was hit by a strong striking pain in my hip bone. It lasted throughout the whole day. Misses red didn’t leave until the third day. With that said, I made an appointment at the GYN office and he told me that my body was pushing out the small cysts. That was that.

My daughter is now 2 and I am still suffering. The sharp pains in my right hip bone aches and lower abdominal pains come and go when it wants to. I can actually feel my right ovary expanding. It feels really uncomfortable, sometimes you can even see the lump. Cysts in your ovary are no fun, I would not wish this on anyone. I just hope I find something that will keep the cysts away, I can just go about life without having to walk around in pain, and I can actually know when my frenemy will come. Only time will tell.

In the end, I will still be standing.

Luvs ya


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