About Lee

Before starting a blog, I had a lot to say and now I am just lost for words. I did plenty of research trying to discover the ends and out of blogging. I can say that I have made up my mind. Trying to get my thoughts together.

Trying to get my thoughts together.


Okay. I believe I am ready to say why I decided to start a blog. Well, here it is.

Starting a blog will help me clear my mind a bit because I always have so much to talk about, so many things to share, and just love spreading the love. I am not sure where my blog will take me, but I do know my passion for writing will take me very far in life. I just love being able to express myself through writing.

Just being able to share my personality with the world is good enough to me. I am no jokester, just a person who writes as if I am actually talking to you.

However, the real purpose of this blog is to help inspire many to keep pushing through the storm no matter the game. I hope to lift others up into a place where they can call home. To let others know that you can be yourself and still have great friends. Most of all to share my thoughts, some recipes, poetry, insights for moms, inspirational notes, etc…

And besides, I am a mother who graduated from college with a bachelor’s in Business Management. Now a “Stay At Home Mom” (for now that is) who always looking for things to do, so I decided to write my heart out for the world to see.

By the way, some of my pictures may not be professional pics. Some were either taken from my phone or just by my one and only sweetheart.

Hope to see some lovely comments.

Luvs ya