Back to work I go

One thing I dislike about applying back to work is filling out a job application for a position that I may want and not get the job. You spent hours trying to figure out what to put on your cover letter and fixing up your resume. You come close to getting an interview, then you’re […]

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How I managed to stop breastfeeding without hand expressing or pumping my milk?

Going “Cold Turkey” is just something that I did not want to experience. I knew the process would be painful and my breasts would be really¬†engorged(heavy). However, I succeeded and kept on moving forward with the process. My milk supply is still decreasing, but I wanted to share my experience with you anyway. I decided […]

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What If

You see this poem kept lurking around in my head for some time. I tried to keep it to myself, but I just can’t. Part of me wanted to stay shut, but I wanted to speak out about it in writing. I do not think that I have the guts to speak about it. The […]

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Love yourself first/self-love

Let’s be clear, you cannot love someone if you do not know how to love yourself. A lot may or may not disagree, but it is true. How can you search for love if you have not loved yourself first? A lot of times we fail in relationships because we forget to show love and […]

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Teach your child(ren) Part 1

I have noticed that some parents push their children to do good in school and leave out the “just do your best throughout life no matter what” As parents, we tend to focus on one thing and that is this thing called “school” without teaching our children about this thing called “Life.” You see we […]

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